A Live Wedding at the Premiere of “Jumping the Broom”

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

It opened this weekend, and Johnson Products, the official hair sponsor, helped!

JUST ADDED! Behind the scenes photos of the bridal party preparing for the live wedding at the premiere added. Click HERE to view!



On the Red Carpet

It was a beautiful night in Hollywood for the nuptials of Sony and TLC wedding prize winners Alvin and Demetrice Smith and their party. The Dallas-based Smiths wrote an essay which earned them an entry into a contest for a wedding to renew vows.  She was the top vote-getter because she works at a company which sent out emails to 9,000 employees and she had voting parties with computers where all of her friends and family voted repeatedly all night long. The contest was for the couple to renew their vows.

About 4 p.m., the wedding team met at the exquisite SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, and crowded into Room 406.  At the request of Johnson Products, the official hair sponsor, Mechellet Bickerstaff expertly worked on Demetrice’s hair (and oow – wee, that girl had long thick, natural hair) and gave her an elegant updo.  Fashion Fair cosmetic makeup artists Stefani-Nicole and Dannie Willis  transformed the beautiful faces of the wedding party, which consisted of her aunt Ruby West, 21 year-old daughter Courtnye Gulley and maid of honor, Jodye Newton. Barber Benny Pedraza designed the classic hair cut of the groom, Alvin Smith.

Mikki Turner, Ebony/Jet writer/photographer and now videographer captured their stories and conducted interviews. The ladies enjoyed their Johnson Products gift baskets, but time was short, so they tore into those the next day.The groom appreciated his Ultra Sheen Men’s grooming kit.


Bride Demetrice Smith on her way to renew her vows!

Kristie, from Sony, gently prodded the wedding party to make it to the Cinema Dome on time so they could have their time on the red carpet.  Their limo melted into the long line of limos parked in front of the theater. After a hectic walk on the Red Carpet, Bishop TD Jakes ushered everyone over to the wedding area.  Soon we heard those familiar bars that start most weddings.  The crowd parted as the stunning Demetrice glided toward the riser where Bishop Jakes, her beloved husband and her wedding party stood.  After the Bishop pronounced the union renewed, Karen Clark Sheard belted out a song for the couple.  Then they were joined by Angela Bassett, Laz Alonzo and the entire cast of Jumping the Broom for photos. The turnout was really star-studded and packed!

PHOTOS: Here is the link to the over 50 photos I took that evening: http://tinyurl.com/6kwerpu

And, here is the link to Getty Images, which also shot the event:  http://tinyurl.com/3zvul7c

A word about the film:  I cannot wait to see it again.  Set in Martha’s Vineyard, it is visually stunning to watch and the story line is awesome.  Treat yourselves this first weekend! IT IS WORTH PAYING FOR. (And it is NOT just a “Chick Flick!”)  The trailers do not do it justice.  This is a beautifully shot, stunning movie with a great story line (With a twist!)  –a Great Mother’s Day treat!

Happy Mother’s Day, all!

Story and Photos by

Isidra Person-Lynn


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